Saturday, February 11, 2006

One day in a life

I am still debating whether I should move to the islands or not. The vast majority of the populace envision a picture perfect sany beach when they are mentioned any caribbean destination. But I know better. Take the bahamas. They became an independent nation around 1971. By the time, the white society retraced and made room for all colored people who started to get out of the ghetto.

The ghetto still exists today and many bahamanians cherish it dearly. It represents something they don't want to forget. It's not something they wish not to talk about but a spot in the island that they proudly show to visitors and foreigners. For all their independence and unique efforts in developing their economy and growing from their roots, the island is not an easy place to live. There is still a great deal of poverty hidden behind official numbers and a large segment of the population struggle to make ends meet. In this particular group is my beloved girlfriend that is not even bahamanian but haitian. Most haitian immigrants to the island suffer horribly as they must confront the rejection if not outright anger of the locals... More on next installment.